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Having three different service levels provide vehicle owners with an option most suited to them.

Short Service

This option tends to be used by owners who want their vehicle checked over prior to making a long trip and wish to be sure the vehicle is going to remain safe and reliable to use.

Also, this level of service may be used at the start of the winter and where freezing conditions may have an impact upon the reliability of the vehicle.

Intermediate Service

This service is generally used when the vehicle's 'Service' light is displayed.

This option normally takes place either each year or when the required mileage which is set down by the manufacturer has been achieved.


Although in modern vehicles when the service comes due a service indicator will pop up telling you the service is due and this normally is activated by the vehicle having completed a certain number of miles, or that the quality of the engine oil has become compromised.

But, for some it could take a couple of years or more to get to the required mileage and in such a case we would normally suggest the vehicle be given an annual inspection, more to make sure all is safe with the vehicle and minimise the possibility of breakdowns.

Average cost of this service £70

Average cost of this service £125

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Major Service

This service option comes due where the vehicle has completed a large amount of miles or where the vehicle has not been serviced for many years.

Often the required major service is displayed within the drivers manual and set by the manufacturer.  

It could also apply to vehicles which have been kept in storage for some while and possibly being recommissioned for road use.

Such a service requires a large amount of checks to be carried out and where all fluids should be replaced, such as, engine, gearbox, power steering (hydraulic type), clutch and brake fluids etc. Depending on the make, model and history of vehicle a price can only be provided after finding out more about the vehicle.

Average cost of this service P.O.A.

The average cost displayed are based on a typical small to medium family car

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