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Mechanical Repairs

We offer a repair or replace service to all aspects of the drivetrain, i.e. Engine, Gearbox, Clutch etc. Also this service applies to all steering, suspension and braking components. 

Bodywork Repairs

We cover all types of bodywork repairs. Whether your vehicle has been involved in an accident, or where the bodywork problem is just age related deterioration, we can help.

When accessing a vehicles repair, whether it's mechanical or bodywork, firstly a complete visual inspection and diagnosis of the damage would be necessary. Without seeing the vehicle any suggestion as to the type of repair would be pure guesswork and that can create it's own problem when calculating and keeping to the costs as quoted.

  • Firstly we carry out a detailed inspection to establish what the problems are. For this we make no charge.

  • Once we have decided the extent of the work required, we will calculate how much it is likely to cost and confirm this to you.

  • If you are happy with our suggested work plan and it's cost, we will arrange a date with you to proceed with the required work.

  • Should the work plan need to alter due to further findings and maybe which were not obvious in our original inspection, prior to our continuing with the job, we would firstly contact you to explain those findings and to gain your permission to continue the required work. 

  • Once the work has been completed the vehicle would undergo a test to confirm the quality of the work we have completed. You would then be contacted in order to arrange the pick up or return delivery of the vehicle.

  • If, for whatever reason we are unable to make the necessary repairs to the vehicle, there would be no charge.

  • Once the work required has been accessed, you will be provided with a full parts and labour quotation.

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