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Is it worth it?

Have you ever bought a new or used vehicle from a garage? Most of us at some time have. Can you remember how it felt getting into that freshly purchased vehicle and how clean it was. But for those vehicles having done a few thousand miles and especially those with a diesel engine, how clean do you think the inside of the engine would be? Having rebuilt many engines over the years, I can tell you they get pretty messy....but does it matter!

It does!

Here are a few benefits attached to have the inside of your engine Carbon Cleaned.​

  • It can help by unclogging your engine which will allow it to recover more of its original performance.

  • You will find a healthier engine, emitting a lot less fine particulates and eliminating black smoke.

  • De-scaling by hydrogen injection will be a plus to passing your MOT emissions test. 

  • You will avoid the potential failure of expensive parts such as the EGR valve, the injection pump and the turbocharger.

  • It can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 15%.

Over the years, the price of Carbon Cleaning has reduced substantially. We now offer it as a standalone service or when your vehicle comes to us for its next annual service. To provide a deep internal engine clean, the process will take about an hour. The cost is just £75.


We recommend that both Diesel and Petrol engines receive a Carbon Clean every 80,000 miles.


For further information, or to book this service just contact us by phone or email.  

This service can only be carried out at our service centre

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