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The cost of the MOT inspection is currently £50, with no charge for a re-inspection should the vehicle fail it's initial test.


This also includes the pick up and return of the vehicle as long as it is situated within a 5 mile radius of DY11 6QY


Short Service cost:

£70 which includes the labour and the normal top up's, i.e. windscreen wash, anti freeze etc.

Intermediate Service cost:

£125 which includes the labour and all filters, lubricants and top up's required.

Major Service cost:

As this service can vary considerably, we would ask you to contact us for a specific quotation.

Pick up and return included as long as the vehicle is situated within a 5 mile radius of DY11 6QY

Vehicle Repairs.jpeg

Whether it's mechanical, electrical or bodywork, due to the huge variance of each job, we can only quote for this after the vehicle has been inspected and a full assessment has been made.

Please visit our contacts page to provide the information required.


The cost of a basic scan is £25. The scan should reveal the reason for the engine management light having come on. Once the scan results have been viewed we should be able to tell you, what repairs are needed and what the likely costs of those repairs would be. Obviously it would be your choice as to who carries out the needed repairs, but at least you would know the issues that exist.

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