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Looking after your vehicle by way of regular maintenance is obviously important. Apart from the issues of unexpected breakdowns, or larger than normal future repair costs, there is the consideration of maintaining the vehicles resale value.

How would you feel buying a vehicle which has had, little or no maintenance?


Would you feel secure in the knowledge that the vehicle will prove to be reliable and not be spending more of its time in the repair shop than you being behind the wheel? 

Your Vehicles Servicing Needs

Short Service: This level of servicing is normally associated with owners who do not achieve the average annual mileage and which is set down by the vehicles manufacturer for general servicing. But is for the owner who would wish to keep the vehicle in a tip top condition and have the knowledge that the vehicle is both safe and reliable.

Intermediate Service: This level of service is used where the vehicle has completed the service interval mileage set down by the vehicles manufacturer and where it is recommended that the next service has become due. It may also be required to uphold any warranties that the manufacturer provides with the sale of the vehicle such as any unexpected component failures of the powertrain or bodywork. 

Major Service: This level of service might apply to vehicles which have completed a high mileage, or where the vehicle may have missed many services throughout its life. Such a service might be used where a vehicle has been recommissioned from years of storage, i.e. a typical barn find. 

MOT +  Service: Many of our customers benefit from this dual arrangement.  Essentially, we arrange with you to MOT and service your vehicle on the same day. From your point of view you lose the use of your vehicle for a few hours around the same date each year. The levels of the vehicle service you require remain the same, I.e. Short, Intermediate or Major. However because we save on time we reduce the overall cost of both the MOT and Service by £10.00.  

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