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Broadland Tuning

At Broadland we offer a number of Tuning and vehicle improvment options:

1. Remapping for performance

2. Remapping for economy

Plus, other associated vehicle improvments:

1. Engine Carbon Cleaning

2. DPF deletes

So what might you expect as improvement from any of the above?

Many vehicles are detuned when being built at their factory. The reason for this is that many of the engines produced would fit a range of models with the more basic model having less power than a more expensive higher range model. So, in simple terms a Stage 1 remap would release or make available that extra power. For some vehicles, the increase in power could be as much as an extra 50%.

However, your choice would maybe to save on fuel, where this is your requirement and depending on your make and model of vehicle, you could achieve up to 15% better fuel consumption. 

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And, what about the costs?

1. To map for performance just £199

2. To map for economy just £199

3. To fully Carbon Clean your engine just £75 

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