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Have you got a light on?

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So what happens when the engine management light comes on?

Well, in simple terms it's letting you know your vehicle has a problem. It could be something simple, straight forward and cheap to fix, or on the other hand it could be something far worse and things are going badly wrong, either way it would need to be checked out. Occasionally the light coming on coincides with the engine going into 'Limp Mode' which is where the vehicle only provides enough power to get you to the nearest garage or home, it will do this to reduce, as much as possible, the risk of more damage taking place.

Obviously with the light coming on something should be done and as quickly as possible. 


We have many vehicles come to us with the management light on and amazingly when speaking to some of the owners they may tell you that "it came on weeks or months ago, but as the vehicle started and seemed to drive ok I left it"

A fairly modern vehicle will have a lot of sensors and these will monitor how the vehicle performs. If there is an issue, these, in many cases, send a message to the ECU, (Engine Control Unit), PCM (Powertrain Control Module), or BCM (Body Control Module) identifying there is an issue. If you want to see more about Sensors, check out our video here .... 

We think that if you found your body was giving off signals which made you feel unwell you take it to the Doctor who would then carry out tests to establish what the problem is and then take action to fix it. It's just the same with your vehicle!

In most cases we can carry out the required test and then tell you what the problem is, how it can be fixed and how much the repair would be and we can do this for just £50.

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