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Engine Management Light on?

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Since the eighties vehicles have become much more sophisticated in the way they function. Before the addition of the vast amount of electronics now very apparent in modern day vehicles, more often than not, if your vehicle was not feeling up to scratch you might experience an issue in how it would drive. Nowadays vehicles pretty much think for themselves and if it suddenly decides something isn't quite right, up pops a picture of a check engine light or spanner informing you I need a doctor, I feel unwell.

Maybe the indication given is just a temporary glitch, but on other occasions it could be something quite serious or even terminal. Either way for peace of mind, knowing what the issue is makes getting it checked worthwhile. In most cases our equipment will diagnose the reason for that little orange or red light appearing.

The current cost of a diagnostic report is just £25. Once the problem has been analysed, should you wish us or your preferred repairer to fix the vehicle the choice is yours.  

Are you getting the best out of your vehicle?

Like people, occasionally vehicle's can end up a little off colour. As mechanical wear and tear is progressive we may fail to initially spot underlying issues affecting its performance or reliability. As mentioned, nowadays, even the least sophisticated of vehicles has a host of electronically controlled systems doing much of the thinking and controlling how the vehicle performs. But, as parts continue to wear, as hard as the vehicle may try to compensate for this, it will reach a point where it is unable to do so. In many vehicles you can have between 60 to 100 different sensors measuring the effects of each journey. All of these sensors constantly send messages to the vehicles brain (ECU/PCM/BCM) and in turn the brain will make adjustments necessary to improve the smooth and effective running of the vehicle. Sometimes the messages sent can get a little scrambled and the applied instructions being sent from the brain end up a tad confused. Such things happening can have an effect on how well the vehicle performs. This can result in problematic starting, the amount of fuel being used, the smoothness or lack of the power being delivered. It is the case however that small issues can and do often become much larger which result in expensive repairs. For just £25.00 we can provide you with a complete health report and from this you will know how your vehicle really does feel and if necessary what may need doing to get it back to perfect health.

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