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Since the late 80's most vehicles came with On Board Diagnostics (OBD1). This facility was upgraded in 1996 to OBD2 and made available a wealth of information, called Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTC's which could be accessed via the OBD socket using a diagnostic scanner. Although there are dozens of code readers available on sale today and many of which you can pickup for a few pounds buying one can still leave you in the same position as you started. Cheap scanners may not be able to fully interrogate the vehicle and source the issue, also once the code is found how is it interpreted and what is required to effect the fix. At AMS we have been working with Diagnostics for many years and as trained automotive engineers can in most cases establish how to create the repair.  

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In some cases when we pickup a vehicle for it's annual MOT inspection you can spot the apprehension with the customer. I suppose it's human nature to possibly fear the worse and the fact that most people have little idea what an MOT inspection consists of heightens that concern. We've published a typical MOT inspection sheet in our blog section which provides a 'heads up' of what the process consists of. Take a look I think you'll agree most of it makes real sense and really exists to protect the driver, passengers and other road users. 

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Keeping your vehicle in good health

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Why use A.M.S?

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We only take on work we know we can handle and complete at a very reasonable price.
We have all the equipment required to carry out the work we undertake
We make no charge for picking up and returning your vehicle
Our labour charges are currently £50 per hour which we have held for the last 4 years
Free assessment of the work required and a firm idea of what the cost to carry out the work would be.
So, all you need to do now is get in touch
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