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What do they check at an MOT?

As you would expect, the MOT inspectors have a list of those items which need to be checked. Below is the list of items they will check.


Interior checks

Seats and seat belts

Warning lamps

Switches (position lamp, headlamp, hazards)

View to front, wipers and washers

Brake controls, servo operation

Steering wheel and column

Doors, mirrors, horn

Speedometer, driver controls (Class 5 only)

Exterior checks

Registration plates

Lamps, registration plate lamps

Indicators, hazards

Headlamps & aim

Stop lamps, fog lamps, reflectors

Wheels, tyres

Shock absorbers

Mirrors, wiper blades, fuel tank cap

Glazing (Class 5 only)

Doors, boot lid, loading doors, bonnet


General condition of body

Under bonnet checks

Vehicle structure

Braking systems

Exhaust systems, fuel system

Speed limiter (if applicable)

Steering & power steering components

Suspension components

Under vehicle checks

Steering including power steering

Drive shafts (if applicable)

Suspension, shock absorbers

Wheel bearings

Wheels & tyres

Brake systems & mechanical components

Exhaust system

Fuel system & fuel tank

Structure, general vehicle condition

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