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Seat Ibiza - Coolant Loss

Losing coolant can be a fairly general problem for most vehicles. It can only really be lost in one of two ways, externally or internally. When the leak is external it should be easy to spot. With the various bright colours antifreeze has to offer it shouldn't take long to find out where the leak is coming from. However, in one particular case it took a while to find where the leak existed. We took in a 2009 Seat Ibiza which the customer informed us was using/losing a lot of coolant. After getting the vehicle up on the ramp and removing the undertray we found a bright pink fluid (antifreeze) dripping down the back of the engine and onto the drive shaft. It's point of origin was up underside of the inlet manifold. The unit, pictured above, was releasing as it became warmer and was the cause of the problem. The plastic union was cheap and it took maybe a couple of hours front to back to replace the unit. As the Ibiza shares its engine with a few of it's parent VW's, this problem can extend to some of the VW range as well.

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