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Limiting accidents, where you can!

OK, some accidents cant be avoided and although they can result in serious consequences, you might feel that there was nothing you could do to have prevented it. However, there are numerous accidents happening on a daily basis which probably could have been avoided had the right bit of technology been in place. We are talking parking sensors!

A recent national survey was carried out where people were asked the question, what extra do you believe your car should possess prior to leaving leaving the factory, the top answer was parking sensors.

Nowadays there exists more distractions than ever before. The sheer volume of vehicles on the road, the number of road signs, making sure your driving at the right speed and parking spaces provided by supermarkets, that in some cases, you would find difficult parking one of their trolley's in make our daily drive hard work.

Apart from the obvious distress and anguish any accident will create, the cost of bodywork repairs have increased dramatically over time. Yes, your insurer will pickup the tab, but what about the excess you might have to pay, or the possible loss of your no claims bonus. Nowadays, many body shops will charge a small fortune to repair what would appear to be a small dent or a graze to that bumper. Furthermore, where insurers become involved, in many cases they will go along with having a whole section of the body moulding replaced and what looked to be a simple job that could have been sorted by a spray can from Halfords, now turns into a job costing hundreds of pounds!

We are aware that some people believe the cost of having a set of sensors fitted is expensive. Certainly we have been told some of the prices quoted by garages, £200, £300 or more to supply and fit a set of reversing sensors.

Well we have problems understanding why the cost is so high. AutoMotive Services can supply and fit a set of four sensors with prices starting at just £99.

What's more you can choose from the basic audible sensors where you get a strong beep and where the beep increases in speed the closer you get to the obstacle, or the top of the range onboard screen which via an external camera provides you with a full colour video image of the obstruction.

So whether your aiming for a bollard, the car parked behind you or worse a small child the sensors will tell you to stop well before you make contact.

Just let us know the make, model and year of your vehicle and we will tell you how much it will cost to make your driving a little safer.

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