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Ford Ecosport – Lack of power and engine misfire

This vehicle being a 2017 Ford EcoSport 1.5 Diesel was experiencing a misfire and a loss faults of power. Also, the MIL would pop up on the dash leaving the following codes to be read: P0087, P0088, P008A, P009E, P0193, P116E, P0825, P089F, P0822, P0252, P027C, P02E5, P162F, P062A, P06E9, P1102, U0212, U0109.

This would seem to be a common problem affecting many of the EcoSport models with 1.5 diesel engine up to 02/04/19. The faults are due to the engine wiring harness chafing against the vacuum pump mounting bracket causing a short circuit. To gain access to the wiring harness, remove the air filter assembly, battery and battery tray. Inspect the wiring harness for chafing in the area indicated (Fig 1.1). Repair the wiring harness as necessary and wrap with insulation tape (Fig 1.2). Secure the wiring harness with a cable tie (Fig 1.3). Refit the battery tray, battery and air filter assembly. Carry out a road test to ensure the fault has been rectified.

Information supplied via Professional Motor Mechanic :

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