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Years of Production

Belt or Chain Drive

Interval - Miles

or Interval - Years



If your vehicle uses a cam chain instead of a belt, unless you can hear signs of wear, you do not need to concern yourself with it being changed.
If you have achieved the mileage displayed the cambelt should be changed immediately.
If the vehicles cambelt has not been changed within the years shown, irrespective of it's mileage, it needs to be changed.
An interference engine is where when the cambelt or cam chain break, the valves will come into contact with the moving pistons. Often this will annihilate the engine and require the engine to be replaced.
We provide a full cambelt replacement service at a very competitive price. If you are unsure as to whether or not your vehicle uses a cambelt as opposed to a cam chain or even if its due to be changed, please contact us and we will try to help you. 
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