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AMS Vehicle & Parts Sales Page

All vehicles shown on the following pages are know to us. In most cases they have been maintained by us for many years and we would genuinely believe them to be totally roadworthy and reliable.

Please note: We offer no warranty on these vehicles and therefore when purchased they are 'Sold as Seen'

Should you require to test drive any of the vehicles displayed, please make sure your insurance fully covers you to drive another car. Whilst test driving any of the cars, in the event of an accident with another car your insurance should cover both our car and that of the third party. Such cover should be for the cost of full repairs of any damage sustained by our car and that of the third party.  


Should you wish to purchase a vehicle from us, you may pay in cash or bank transfer (debit cards only). We do also accept cheques, however the funds will need to have cleared into our bank prior to you taking possession of the vehicle..

When viewing the vehicles, please select the vehicle by clicking the smaller pictures and then click the larger picture to see the vehicles full details
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